2020 was the year of changes for every area, the year we realized we need to live better, to improve our lives in one way or another. 2021 came with a big hope that everything is going in a great direction, in one word, EaseeControl. Technology has taken the world by storm. People are progressively […]

Hackers are financially motivated to gain unauthorized access to your data. Even though we are well into our second decade of widespread internet use, the term ‘cyber-attack is still a relatively new and daunting one for many people. Many individuals and small businesses trust in their off-the-shelf antivirus software, which can be effective but certainly […]

Monday, February 1, 2021 StarTech Alliance A Launches EaseeControl Edition for Small and Mid-Size Business PCs   By StarTech Alliance, Inc The EaseeControl software delivers Windows PC optimization to all users. New York, NY, February 1, 2021- StarTech Alliance, a global provider of PC Customer Support and PC optimization software and developer of EaseeControl, today […]