Monday, February 1, 2021

StarTech Alliance A Launches EaseeControl Edition for Small and Mid-Size Business PCs


By StarTech Alliance, Inc

The EaseeControl software delivers Windows PC optimization to all users.

New York, NY, February 1, 2021- StarTech Alliance, a global provider of PC Customer Support and PC optimization software and developer of EaseeControl, today announced the launch of the EaseeControl App. Version

EaseeControl secure, repair, optimize, and removes unused files from users PCs, allowing Windows applications to run faster while also freeing up hard disk space. EaseeControl App. Version ensures higher user Privacy online and also cleans traces of user’s online activities such as internet history, cookies, and confidential user information. EaseeControl users also claim the system is the safest, private, fastest, and easiest to use.

“Private customers and IT professionals have been asking for a better App with Artificial Intelligence and Human customer Support embed. EaseeControl meets private and businesses’ PC user’s need to keep their laptops and standalone desktops running private, clean, safe, and fast,” according to Bogdan Tudor, StarTech Alliance CEO. “Companies are looking to keep customer’s PCs: private, safe, and running fast to extend their PC’s useful life,” Tudor added.

EaseeControl is the latest StarTech Alliance commercial software offerings.


About StarTech Alliance

StarTech Alliance is the global provider of software and Customer Support that makes PCs run Private, Cleaner, Safest, Faster™. StarTech Alliance’s product, EaseeControl, has been downloaded over 100,000 times, is deployed in 15 countries, and is available in more than 3 languages.
StarTech Alliance products are designed for home use, small and medium business, large enterprises, and public sector organizations.
StarTech Alliance is located at 575 Lexington Avenue, New York NY 10022 with offices, and Europe.

More information is available at https://easeecontrol.com/, LinkedIn.com Facebook.com

Read more: https://blog.easeecontrol.com/

Source: StarTech Alliance

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